Programming Begins February 2019

We know you’re all loving the helter skelter free-for-all going on on The Dune Buggy these past few weeks, but we’re jazzed to launch shows of all shapes and sizes coming the first weekend in February 2019.

Keep your seatbelt on and don’t take your foot off the gas. The Buggy. We’re just picking up speed.

5 Replies to “Programming Begins February 2019”

  1. Very much impressed with your station.
    I have been running a similar trainwreck format on the air for about 20 years, and ran a shortwave pirate in 1991.
    Anyway, I’m originally from Hobart, after many years in Chicago and western suburbs of Chicago, I am now in Hanna, out east of Wanatah.
    I have the signal on 91.3, and last week my computer that runs the audio died, so I immediately put your stream on the air and have been amazed at how similar your idea of what radio should be is to mine. I have a radio engineering degree but decided to not go into the business.
    Would love to talk sometime.
    You are on the air out here in the Kankakee swampland.
    Even after I get my system repaired, I plan to run your audio often.

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